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Read 5 important facts about the health and wellbeing of our Halton youth: Research Snap Shots blog
Physical activity declining, obesity, equal access to nutritious food, positive body image and less family time around the dinner table are all important issues that we need to know more about. This blog links facts to maps and other resources to give us a clearer picture. Read more

Data Portal training sessions start October 21!
New sessions begin October 21 and are only two hours. More training is available in January, March and May 2015. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to maximize the OKN Data Portal information, mechanisms and systems to put the power of data to work for you and your staff. Register now!

Understanding healthy emotional development in the early years
Social-Emotional Development in the Early Years: A Common Message Paper is a resource that describes the factors that contribute to the healthy social and emotional development of young children and how that process unfolds.

iParent Database

Easy online access to programs and workshops
on parenting children of all ages and stages!

Research Snapshots BLOG  

Data PortalSearch data, create maps or add your own data right now!

Resources for using the OKN Data Portal.


Info Share
Information and resources for planning and implementing effective supports for families and children.


Play a role in preventing bullying

OKN Parenting Directory 11-12

Bullying impacts the health and well being of every
child or youth. PREVNet, a national network. News,
events, research and resources to help stop bullying.
OKN Bullying Prevention Literature Review
OKN Bullying Prevention Environmental Scan

Developmental Assets

Developmental Assets

Developmental Assets® are 40 positive experiences and personal qualities that children and youth need to grow up healthy, caring, and responsible.

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Join the world in celebrating families!

Professionals and Research

Our Kids Network is drawing attention to the UN’s global message to celebrate and learn about families during the 20th Anniversary of the International Year of the Family (IYF). Learn more
48 ways
for communities and schools to celebrate and learn about families.