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It is our network of people who work together to create a bright future for children and youth.
In 2016 Our Kids network saw steady progress and it’s clear in initiatives and activities over the last year that the network is more cohesive and more engaged. People are becoming more intentional when putting knowledge into practice and  the results can be seen in new data coming forward. Read more in the year-end blog post or get the details in the OKN Collective Impact Report 2016. Thank you and we hope you will remain as involved and committed in 2017 as you were in 2016!
7 Strategies to Use the Power of Relationships, Research and Knowledge to Help Kids Thrive
Practical ideas and strategies to use relationships, research and knowledge to work towards the Halton 7 (seven conditions of well-being to ensure that all children thrive). Booklet

iParent Database
Info Share Resources for planning and implementing effective programs and services  
Data Portal Your doorway to a large inventory of community level data and information on how to use it.  
OKN Blog
Research, asset-building, relationships and community.
Asset Building Toolkit

Play a role in preventing bullying

OKN Parenting Directory 11-12

Bullying impacts the health and well being of every
child or youth. PREVNet, a national network. News,
events, research and resources to help stop bullying.
OKN Bullying Prevention Literature Review
OKN Bullying Prevention Environmental Scan

“We should always be involved.”

Developmental Assets

Our Kids Network is continually looking for ways to help professionals engage youth in meaningful ways.
The Asset-Building Toolkit has an entire section on Child and Youth Engagement including a continuum for engagement and diagram, created by youth, and a checklist  to assist organizations in engaging youth.

Video: Celebrating Halton Families

Professionals and Research

Families are central to the positive development  of children and youth and are at the heart of thriving communities.
In the video, three families share the joys and struggles of parenting and the challenges they face due to the attitudes and perceptions of society. Video