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What makes a family?
Milton family and OKN "Vibrant Lives of Halton Families video featured in Toronto Star story

"The Faruquis are one of the families featured in the Vibrant Lives of Halton video. Originally from Pakistan, Nadir and Sehba Faruqui had talked about moving abroad for some time. Local schools, they say, were unable to provide for their now 10-year-old son’s special needs. After a suicide bomber detonated a 300-kilogram car bomb at a house next to Haider’s school in 2011, the family finally made up their minds to emigrate. They have called Halton home since arriving with two suitcases each in June 2013." Read the full story by Daniel Otis. View the video.

 How Halton professionals help families adapt to challenges
Research Snapshots looks at ideas and actions on working to help families adapt to challenges and data from the Halton Youth Parent Survey. Go to blog

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Play a role in preventing bullying

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Developmental Assets

Our Kids Network is continually looking for ways to help professionals engage youth in meaningful ways.
The Asset-Building Toolkit has an entire section on Child and Youth Engagement including a continuum for engagement and diagram, created by youth, and a checklist  to assist organizations in engaging youth.

Video: Celebrating Halton Families

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Families are central to the positive development  of children and youth and are at the heart of thriving communities.
In the video, three families share the joys and struggles of parenting and the challenges they face due to the attitudes and perceptions of society. Video