Sharing knowledge and information

Our Kids Network is engaged in sharing relevant information so the professional community can plan and implement effective supports for families and children. 

Early Childhood Development

Common Message Paper
Social-Emotional Development in the Early Years: A Common Message Paper is a resource that provides health practitioners and organizations with a list of common messages central to healthy social and emotional development in order to facilitate a shared understanding of the experiences, resources and protective factors that foster healthy social and emotional development in young children as well as the knowledge of how this process unfolds.

This resource includes:
• A list of evidence informed common messages related to healthy social and emotional development of young children
• Support and information related to each message
• Resources and links supporting further learning

Contact the Halton Early Years Mental Health Committee for more information

How Does Learning Happen?
Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years
resource about learning through relationships for those who work with young children and their families.


Achieving Excellence, A Renewed Vision for Education in Ontario

Ontario's renewed vision for its education system.

CONVERGENCE: Why Ontario Should Develop Community-Based Models of Integrated Services for School-Aged Children
Discussion paper based on work done for the: Integrated Services for Children Division Ministry of Community and Social Services and Ministry of Healthand Long-Term Care, Government of Ontario.
Discussion paper


Research reports and surveys
Our work is guided by research. Comprehensive reports and other resources assist service providers in planning and delivering programs and services are available on the Reports page.

Info Share continued
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Data is more than just numbers

The OKN Data Portal is an interactive online database. Users will find community and neighbourhood-level information, demographics, OKN research data on health, safety, education, Developmental Assets®, Census data and more. Use it for planning, funding proposal, presentations, mapping and more.

Search data, create maps or add your own data right now! 

Take some time to learn more about how to use the OKN Data Portal, OKN research and other types of resources.

A Positive Approach
to Strengthening all Families

A strong, healthy, caring family can make a lot of difference in our lives. The Search Institute conducted a national research study to identify a set of “Family Assets” that make a major difference in the lives of both kids and parenting adults. Like Developmental Assets, Family Assets focus on identifying, celebrating, and investing in the strengths in families.
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