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Our Kids Network is dedicated to giving family members the resources, services and encouragement to raise responsible, caring kids.

By working together, OKN partner agencies provide a strong, dependable system of services and supports. We offer research-based information, ideas and practical tools to improve knowledge and skills, and build a positive strength-based approach to positive parenting. Neighbourhood Hubs are one way OKN is taking action in the community. OKN has also identified some key areas to support positive parenting and child development: the Halton 7, Developmental Assets, Family Assets and children’s rights.

Bullying: We Can All Help Stop It
A Guide for Parents of Elementary and Secondary School Students

The effects of bullying go beyond the school yard. As a parent or guardian, this guide tells you what to watch for, what you can do, and where you can go to get help.
Bullying: We Can All Help Stop It

Important Facts about Bullying

"A New Kind of Parenting: Raising Kids 10 to 16 years old" 
Insight on teen development plus common concerns identified by parents and caregivers of preteens and teens and helpful parenting advice and suggestions.
English booklet

Translated "A New Kind of Parenting" booklets

VIDEOS: A New Kind of Parenting: Raising Kids Ages 10 to 16
FOR PARENTS OF TEENS (and children of all ages!)
Have you noticed changes in your preteen or teen's behaviour? Are the parenting techiniques you used with them as children no longer working? These videos explain how parents can adjust their parenting styles to help their children cope with stress and emotions during the pre-teen and teen years.Noted child psychiatrist, Dr. Jean Clinton, is featured in the videos. Using plain language and common sense she helps parents understand how taking a positive approach to parenting can help you and your teen thrive.

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Developmental Assets
The skills, qualities, opportunities, and relationships that children and young people need to help them grow into caring, responsible adults. Families empower children and teens when they help them build assets. The Search Institute has developed a list of 40 Developmental Assets that youth need to succeed. The more assets a person has, the more likely they are to do better in school, make friends, and make healthier decisions. They are also less likely to engage in risk-taking behaviour, such as experimenting with drugs or alcohol. 

Developmental Assets lists and translations

The Family Assets® 
This approach has a "focus on how families function, not on their structure. Illuminating the ways families live their lives together—how they relate to each other, how they spend their time, and how they connect to others–allows us to draw out what it is families do in their day-to-day interactions that lead to positive outcomes. The Family Assets recognize that family members of all ages both contribute to and benefit from a strong family."- Search Institute.

Lions Quest Canada
-The Centre for Positive Youth Development
An organization dedicated to fostering positive youth development through innovative and well-researched programs, products, training and services for youth, parents, educators, and community leaders. Lions Quest Canada is working closely with groups of individuals and agencies across the country to help advance the Developmental Assets concept at all levels within our communities.

Shoulder to Shoulder

Minnesota Institute of Public Health (MIPH) is a non-profit organization founded in 1972. MIPH is dedicated to working with individuals and organizations to safeguard and promote public health. MIPH and Shoulder to Shoulder share the goal of reaching parents of teens and other responsible adults with information about positive parenting in order to increase comfort and confidence levels in raising their children.

Thriving Teens PPT
Discussed at the February 2011 "New Kind of Parenting" presentation.

What about weed?
This community-based website dispels some of the myths about marijuana by presenting clear facts about cannabis and its effects on youth. The webiste offers practical tools and information to promote informed conversations about marijuana to help children and youth make smart decisions.
Health information, finding child care, growth and development, parenting support, information about numerous programs and services, links to community resources.

Quality conversation with public health nurses about everyday parenting life: from considering pregnancy to raising teens. Real nurses. Real people. Real life.
HaltonParents Youth
Targeted to youth related to: youth engagement, jobs, relationships, health issues and more.


Halton iparent

Halton Parenting Directory

Need help with toddler behaviour? Toilet training problems? Expecting a baby? Want to learn about child development? Looking for a parent support group? Struggling to get your child to do homework? Single parent? Wondering how to handle behaviour?

Halton iparent listings are geared to strengthening parenting knowledge and skills. The services, programs, workshops and seminars listed range from courses for expectant parents to discussion groups for parents of teens.

Halton 7

boy drawing

Our Kids Network has identified seven conditions of well-being needed for children, families, and the community as a whole to thrive. These conditions are known as the 'Halton 7'.
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