Parenting resource videos 2, 3 continued

The "New Kind of Parenting: Raising Kids 10 to 16" videos are a resource for service providers that looks at the changes in development, explores the brain science and addresses common concerns during these years.

Video 2 (starts on a white screen and is about 12 minutes)
Brain science and development during the teen years.

Video 3
(starts on a white screen and is about 6 minutes)
How stress affects the brain and emotional changes.

View Video 4: Positive parenting and Developmental Assets

Data is more than just numbers

The OKN Data Portal is an interactive online database. Users will find community and neighbourhood-level information, demographics, OKN research data on health, safety, education, Developmental Assets®, Census data and more. Use it for planning, funding proposal, presentations, mapping and more.

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A Positive Approach
to Strengthening all Families

A strong, healthy, caring family can make a lot of difference in our lives. The Search Institute conducted a national research study to identify a set of “Family Assets” that make a major difference in the lives of both kids and parenting adults. Like Developmental Assets, Family Assets focus on identifying, celebrating, and investing in the strengths in families.
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