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A New Kind of Parenting: Raising Kids Ages 10 to 16

These videos were developed from a February 2011 presentation to Halton parents by Dr. Jean Clinton . An internationally-known child and youth expert, she has been working with children of all ages and their families for over 25 years. Using common sense and plain language, she helps parents learn new ways to nurture and maintain positive, supportive relationships with their children as they become teenagers. We know that brain growth and development can greatly affect behavior at this stage. Dr. Clinton offers practical advice on how parents can adjust their parenting styles to help their children cope with stress and emotions during the pre-teen and teen years.

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A New Kind of Parenting: Raising Kids 10 to 16 years old 
Insight on teen development plus common concerns identified by parents and caregivers of preteens and teens and helpful parenting advice and suggestions.
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Video 1: Introduction; Thriving with Your Teen; Teen Years and Temperament; Myths and Perceptions
Video 2: Positive Parenting; Teen Brain: Under Construction
Video 3: Positive Parenting: Parenting Styles
Video 4: Positive Parenting: Boundaries, Rules and Expectations
Video 5: Positive Parenting: Monitoring and Reducing Risks
Video 6: Positive Parenting: Parenting with Respect; Closing comments and credits

A New Kind of Parenting: Raising Kids Ages 10 to 16 video guide
This guide summarizes some of the information found in the "A New Kind of Parenting" video with Dr. Jean Clinton and includes questions that can help stimulate discussion and reflection.
Video guide

Video 1 (starts on a black screen and is about 16 minutes)
This video introduces the series and looks at how to have a thriving relationship with your teen, temperament and common myths and perceptions about teenagers.

Video 2
(starts on a white screen and is about 14 minutes)
Positive parenting and brain development during the teen years.

View videos 3, 4, 5 and 6
Parenting styles; Boundaries, rules and expectations; Monitoring and reducing risks; Parenting with respect and closing comments.

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Thriving Teens PPT referenced in the "New Kind of Parenting" videos.

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