Simple acts make a big difference!

 Some simple ways to support and nurture your children every day.

Our Kids Network has adopted frameworks known as Developmental Assets® and Family Assets® . Created by the Search Institute® in 1990, Developmental Assets are the positive experiences and personal qualities that children and youth need to grow up healthy, caring, and responsible. The more assets a person has, the more likely they are to do better in school, make friends, and make healthier decisions. Family Assets are the everyday things families do to be strong, even in challenging times.

The Search Institute has developed a list of 40 Developmental Assets that children and youth need to succeed.
ParentFurther® is a Search Institue resource for families. Learn more about Family Assets, themes and tips for building assets.

Lions Quest Canada -The Centre for Positive Youth Development is dedicated to fostering positive youth development through innovative and well-researched programs, products, training and services for youth, parents, educators, and community leaders. Lions Quest Canada is working closely with groups of individuals and agencies across the country to help advance the Developmental Assets concept at all levels within our communities.

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A New Kind of Parenting

A New Kind of Parenting

'A New Kind of Parenting: Raising Kids Ages 10 to 16' booklet shares research on adolescent development and addresses common concerns identified by parents and caregivers of preteens and teens.

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OKN is one of the leading community networks in creating knowledge and resources to improve service planning for children, youth and families.

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