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Foundational Frameworks Why? How? What?

Our Kids Network uses research and collaboration to reduce the impact of negative influences on children’s development and to put knowledge into practice. Using key frameworks to structure our planning and work, we support professionals to help strengthen families and support children and youth.

Why? The Halton 7 Population Results

The seven evidence-based conditions of well-being needed for children, youth and families to thrive. The entire community, including government and business, shares responsibility for working towards the conditions of well-being for children, youth and families. Everyone benefits! Halton 7 infographic

How? Results Based Accountability (RBA), Knowledge Mobilization (KMb) and Asset-Building

Results Based Accountability (RBA) is a disciplined way of thinking and taking action collectively. Begin with the end result in mind and work backwards, step by step, towards the means. For Halton, the end result is creating conditions for the well-being for children, families, and the community as a whole – an endeavour that is being measured with the 'Halton 7'. More...

Knowledge mobilization is making evidence accessible, understandable and useful for knowledge users. For Our Kids Network it is the meaningful use of knowledge and expertise to work toward the Halton 7. As a network, we support professionals who work with children and youth to use knowledge in an intentional and meaningful way to improve outcomes.

It is not just disseminating information through various channels such as social media or marketing. Knowledge Mobilization is engaging the user, looking at end-user participation, and evaluation. It is being intentional about putting what we know into practice. It also helps make connections between research and expertise, and policy and practice in order to improve outcomes. Knowledge mobilization resources

Developmental Assets is what Halton professionals strive to provide and instill. They are the positive experiences and personal qualities that children and youth need to grow up to be healthy, caring, responsible and productive adults. Asset-Building in Halton

What? Collective Impact

OKN assists partners and the community in setting this common agenda. In 2013, we formalized our commitment by adopting a “Collective Impact” approach to achieving common goals. This means identifying and defining the challenge(s) to be addressed, actively coordinating our actions and sharing lessons learned. More...