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OKN Community


All children and youth thrive!


Our Kids Network, as a collective impact network, builds capacity of community organizations that support children, youth and their families.

OKN Champions work together with a common vision and mission to ensure that all children and youth thrive. Our Halton-wide partnership of agencies and organizations mobilizes knowledge and maximizes resources to support Halton professionals in their work towards the Halton 7 population results.

While agencies' and organizations' activities are specific to their local communities and neighbourhoods, OKN helps establish a broader community framework to align actions and efforts.

It is the role of Our Kids Network to:

  • conduct and share research that guides the network in planning and action.

  • promote and help sustain relationships among organizations.

  • develop resources to help partners achieve their outcomes.

  • provide knowledge translation that educates and informs partners in their work, leading to action and measurement of progress.

Organization Infographic 

About Our Kids Network

Information about the network's partners, history, structure, Collective Impact, Halton 7 Population Results and guiding policies.

Timeline, partnerships, role in the community, and structure.


Key milestones of Our Kids Network from 1996 to present


Information about the 8 protocol partners that form OKN’s governance structure.


Graphic depicts the organizational structure of OKN.

As a Collective Impact (CI) network, OKN utilizes the CI framework to work towards the Halton 7 population results.


How collective impact works and why it’s an effective approach to social change.


Collective impact brings people together, in a structured way, to achieve social change.


What the term “collective impact” means, and what makes up this specific approach on cross-sector collaboration.


Evidence-based ideal living conditions we want for children, youth and families in Halton.


Overview of planning, transitions and statistics from March 2020 to March 2021.


2013 to 2020 annual reports.

Our guiding policies help us ensure continuity and equity in all we do.


Guide OKN in recognizing and removing barriers and providing access in all we do.


Core family engagement principles and continuum for use by Halton providers.


Examples of family/caregiver engagement using a “for, with, and by” structure.


Developed by Halton youth to guide community partners in developing ways to embed youth voice and engagement strategies in their work.