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Relationships Matter


Family Relationships Matter: The First Six Years

Adults shape the way children think, feel and act right from birth. Use these 60 seconds (or less) video clips to have conversations about each relationship strategy.

Relationships Help Us Sink or Swim

A video was created by students from Eastview Public School in Oakville, Ontario, with the support of adult allies. After they had learned about Developmental Relationships (developed by the Search Institute), they talked about how relationships with family, friends and peers make a difference in their lives. Watch the video.

Download and print the Relationships Help Us Sink or Swim poster.

Relationships First - Creating Connections That Help Young People Thrive

Relationships matter and are the key ingredient to asset-building.  The Search Institute has explored what happens in relationships that contribute to learning, growing, and thinking. They share their findings, framework  and pathways for building relationships in the document Relationships First - Creating Connections that Help Young People Thrive.  Learn more

Family Relationships Matter: The First Six Years

This video that focuses on five simple strategies central to positive child development: Express Care; Challenge Growth; Provide Support; Share Power and Expand Possibilities.
Watch the video

Click here to see 60 second video clips that can be used to communicate and educate about Developmental Relationships in the early years.

Dr. Pekel from Search Institute: Getting Relationships Right Webinar

Dr. Pekel, president and CEO of Search Institute, talks about helping young people strive to be their best through Developmental Relationships.
Watch the video

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